Play the Credit Game With Cash Back Credit Cards

If you want to play the credit game to win, get cash back credit cards. If you have already established credit for yourself and have been using cards as a matter of convenience and paying them off each month, then it is well worth your while to get cash back cards. They are available for both personal and business .Using cash back cards makes a lot of sense because you have to make purchases anyway. You might as well make them with your card and get cash back. If you have gas cards, you might choose instead to use cash back cards to purchase your gas. The gas cards most likely do not give you cash back. As gas is a necessary evil for all of us, you might as well get some money back for buying your gas.If you use cash back cards for just your gas purchases and pay cash for everything else, you can get some money back for your gas purchase and pay off the bill each month. You have to pay the bill off each month or else it will end up costing you more than ever when it comes to paying for your gas. And with the way that gas prices continue to rise, that’s probably the last thing that you want to do.Winning the credit card game is not difficult once you understand how the game is played. Credit companies want you to charge as much as you can so that you carry a balance on your card. When you carry a balance on your card, you have to pay interest. Interest rates are high on cards because they are unsecured debt. In some cases, credit card interest rates can be close to 20 percent. You sure do not want to pay an extra 20 percent on your gasoline purchase.Whether you have personal cards or business cards, you can win the credit card game if you pay off the balance every month when the bill comes in. You must also pay the bill off promptly as well and be sure not to go over the limit. This way, you can use the card, get money back and not lose any money paying fees. Credit companies make money on fees. The fees are charged to you as well as to the vendors who you use the cards to make purchases from. Vendors usually pay a fee of about 3 to 5 percent to allow you to use the credit card. The reason they are happy to pay this fee is because you are more inclined to spend more money when you are paying with plastic than with cash.Credit firms also make money on fees that you will pay if you go over your limit or if you are late on your payment. In some cases, you can expect to pay about $30 each time you are late for your card payment, or more. When added to the interest fees, you can really end up paying a lot more than you intend. The only way to win the credit card game is to get cash back cards, get the cash back and also pay off he cards each month when you get the bill.

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